The Challenge
The client, The Tahiti Shuttle Experiment, recorded a new CD and went shopping for a design that matched the awesomeness of their tracks. They were originally presented with a layout that used only a few images and lacked a distinct design. TSE wanted something special to represent their work and was referred to Paradigm by another PD client. They communicated their desire for a redesign, sent a few photos and gave PD the creative freedom to just go with it!

The Result
PD created their CD label, four-page insert and case artwork. The theme for the CD was based around a wonderful, gritty image of a lightbulb snapped by a member of the band. This image was selected as the centerpoint for the theme and the gritty texture and a grainy film reel were used throughout the project to tie together each element.

The images provided by the band were excellent in composition, but either the lighting or the focus was not always optimal. To correct these issues, PD added a series of filters for an inverted, high contrast effect, which also nicely offset the sepia-style coloring of the film grain and background images.

TSE was so pleased with the first round of proofs, they requested an additional two pages of design for the booklet!

Visit TSE's website (also a PD creation) to learn more about the band: