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Email Marketing


Email marketing is a powerful (and often overlooked) method of marketing in today's digital culture. Many companies assemble basic email templates, undervaluing the power of a well-designed template to generate high open and click-through rates. Email, just like your other marketing literature, needs to look professional and support the consistency of your brand.

Email marketing is a tricky and often frustrating medium. No matter what you do, sometimes you'll be blocked, bounced and left to float out in cyberspace (and that's a lonely place).

However, a properly optimized email template increases your deliverability and open rates. Strong content that is organized in a logical hierarchy increases the likelihood that the viewer will read the entire message and click on the calls to action.

Paradigm Design offers a matching service that designs your email template similarly to your existing web presence or marketing materials. I can also work with your business to develop your identity from scratch!

Paradigm Design makes this process even more convenient by offering a full-service email marketing program. I can manage your lists, email layout and content. All items are approved by the business before deployment and metrics are reported on a monthly basis. Contact Paradigm Design for a custom email campaign proposal!

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